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Jens Lody d30b34ce6c commonsys-intf: display: Add smomo_interface.h and gralloc_priv.h . 2 years ago
aidl Split view::Surface out of Surface.cpp 5 years ago
build Add dalvik-heap device configs for 8/12/16 GiB devices 2 years ago
cmds Merge "[installd] Remove boot complete marker" into qt-qpr1-dev 2 years ago
data/etc Remove from car builds. 2 years ago
docs Camera: update tonemap curve images 4 years ago
headers Merge "add the OMX_VIDEO_CodingAV1 in the OMX_VIDEO_CODINGTYPE" 2 years ago
include Android 10.0.0 release 31 2 years ago
include_sensor/android Add libandroid_sensor_headers 5 years ago
libs Android 10.0.0 Release 38 (QQ3A.200605.002) 2 years ago
opengl GraphicsEnv: refactor to unify the debuggable logic 2 years ago
services commonsys-intf: display: Add smomo_interface.h and gralloc_priv.h . 1 year ago
vulkan libvulkan: remove a redundant check debuggable logic 2 years ago
.clang-format Add default .clang-format 5 years ago
Android.bp Merge "Add libandroid_sensor_headers" 5 years ago Add CleanSpec for gpuservice 3 years ago
MODULE_LICENSE_APACHE2 auto import from //depot/cupcake/@135843 13 years ago
NOTICE resolved conflicts for merge of adee6b35 to honeycomb-plus-aosp 11 years ago
PREUPLOAD.cfg resolve merge conflicts of e546841c7acd72b8b6dc3af72210ff11cb1f0f73 to master 3 years ago