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Jeff Tinker d9a6af2b4d Allow https URIs in convertUriToPath 2 years ago
apct-tests/perftests Fix TextViewPRecomputedTextPerfTest 3 years ago
api Merge "Camera: Enhance support for monochrome camera" 2 years ago
cmds Merge "filter pulled events for ValueMetric" 2 years ago
config Merge "Re-add light-greylist entries incorrectly removed with icu entries" am: e6e6968081 am: 8c265bf5a7 2 years ago
core Merge "Update TextClassifier javadoc." 2 years ago
data Re-patching in Sharesheet security model changes. 3 years ago
docs Delete static versions of _book.yaml and _project.yaml. 3 years ago
drm Allow https URIs in convertUriToPath 2 years ago
graphics/java/android Merge "Update API doc of Typeaface.setSystemFallback" 3 years ago
keystore Merge changes from topic "async_keystore" am: e8c144fe17 am: 07b06e1bdb 3 years ago
libs libandroidfw: add FALLTHROUGH_INTENDED to silence warnings 2 years ago
location Merge "Update javadoc for carrier phase alignment in getAccumulatedDeltaRangeMeters" 3 years ago
lowpan Merge "Remove duplicate definitions of utility variables" am: 8d5a39ac62 3 years ago
media Merge "MediaPlayer2: clean up more code" 2 years ago
native Merge "Apply version-script to libandroid library." am: dbacdb242b am: 5291def66d 2 years ago
nfc-extras Add api txt files for nfc-extras 3 years ago
obex Build java.obex with java_sdk_library 3 years ago
opengl/java Make EGL15 class final 3 years ago
packages Merge "Ignore NotificationSwipeHelperTests for now, to avoid flakiness." 2 years ago
proto Merge "Expose task id and activity component in task snapshot and assist structure" 2 years ago
rs Add @UnsupportedAppUsage annotations 3 years ago
samples/training/network-usage Remove unnecessary casts on calls to findViewById 4 years ago
sax Move XML object factory logic to libcore 3 years ago
services Merge "Simplify HIDDEN_API_ENFORCEMENT_ flags" 2 years ago
startop Merge "[view compiler] Add conditional branch instruction" am: d659ad62f4 am: 9d82929472 2 years ago
telecomm Merge "Fix flaky AnalytisTest by locking in EventRecord" am: 0a390095df am: e90962ff1d 3 years ago
telephony Merge "Fix mis-ordered merge in" am: a97bdb957f am: d57e403dd0 2 years ago
test-base Add the metalava_enabled property 3 years ago
test-legacy Build android.test.* with java_sdk_library 3 years ago
test-mock Merge "Add Context.getDisplayId() to avoid possible IPC" 3 years ago
test-runner Add the metalava_enabled property 3 years ago
tests Merge "Use spy in PermissionMonitorTest." am: df01b11de1 am: 999733c5fa 3 years ago
tools Merge "Pass the last error code when statslog.write fails" 2 years ago
wifi Merge "WiFi: Define a base abstract class for IWifiManager" 3 years ago
Android.bp Introduce multi-client IME for special form factors 2 years ago Merge "Merge hidden API metadata into a single CSV file." 3 years ago Build with java_sdk_library 3 years ago
MODULE_LICENSE_APACHE2 auto import from //depot/cupcake/@135843 12 years ago
NOTICE Original DnsSd TxtRecord file 9 years ago
PREUPLOAD.cfg Enable checkstyle for all frameworks/base projects. 3 years ago Remove Support Library from frameworks/base 3 years ago