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Ido Ben-Hur 44dc5a4919 Android 10.0.0 Release 38 (QQ3A.200605.002) 1 year ago
aapt Revert "Revert "Android Q is API 29"" 2 years ago
aapt2 aapt2: silence positional arguments warnings 1 year ago
aosp People don't read warnings. 2 years ago
apilint Apilint updates 2 years ago
bit Make am instrument capture logcat during test run, and return it to the host. 2 years ago
dump-coverage Change coverage dump to specify the output file instead of directory. 1 year ago
fonts Update to support more flags. 2 years ago
hiddenapi Automatically greylist code in 3P packages 2 years ago
incident_report Add command line utilites to set the reason field in incident report header 2 years ago
incident_section_gen userdebug: support perfetto traces as a section in incident reports 2 years ago
localedata Fix cert-dcl16-c clang-tidy warnings. 2 years ago
locked_region_code_injection Fail when there is an ASM error 3 years ago
obbtool Convert host tools to Android.bp 3 years ago
orientationplot Configure auto-rotation tilt tolerance in config.xml. 6 years ago
powermodel Power model calculation based on batterystats data. 2 years ago
preload Convert file to Android.bp 2 years ago
preload2 Add functionality to overwrite the /etc/preloaded-classes file. 4 years ago
processors Remove unused @InspectableNodeName 2 years ago
sdkparcelables Don't put android.os.Parcelable in framework.aidl 3 years ago
signedconfig Replace debug key. 2 years ago
split-select Convert host tools to Android.bp 3 years ago
stats_log_api_gen Blacklist truncated atoms instead of whitelistnig 2 years ago
streaming_proto Fix/suppress tools google-explicit-constructor warnings 2 years ago
stringslint Add linter for strings attribute names 2 years ago
validatekeymaps Update VirtualKeyMap usage 2 years ago
velocityplot Revert "Move frameworks/base/tools/ to frameworks/tools/" 7 years ago
aidl Add a textual hint as to where aidl has gone 5 years ago Work around b/70221552 3 years ago