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Alex 897681544a Change default wallpaper name 1 year ago
boot-image-profile.txt Update boot image profile 2 years ago
copyright-header Add some preloaded classes related files and tools 4 years ago
dirty-image-objects Update dirty-image-objects 2 years ago Add filter for NoPreloadHolders 3 years ago
hiddenapi-force-blacklist.txt Force blacklist on VMRuntime.setTargetSdkVersion*() 2 years ago
hiddenapi-greylist-max-o.txt Change default wallpaper name 1 year ago
hiddenapi-greylist-max-p.txt Use TM SubId in getDataState and getDataActivity 2 years ago
hiddenapi-greylist-packages.txt Greylist 3P packages in the bootclasspath. 2 years ago
hiddenapi-greylist.txt Restore some greylist entries. 2 years ago
preloaded-classes Fix slow query log. 2 years ago
preloaded-classes-blacklist Add two classes to blacklist 2 years ago
preloaded-classes-extra Frameworks: Move Log holder to be preloaded 3 years ago