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Ido Ben-Hur 44dc5a4919 Android 10.0.0 Release 38 (QQ3A.200605.002) 1 year ago
am Make am instrument capture logcat during test run, and return it to the host. 2 years ago
app_process libhwbinder users use libhidlbase 2 years ago
appops Switch am command to go through "cmd activity". 4 years ago
appwidget cmds: add #!s 3 years ago
backup Convert to Soong 3 years ago
bmgr [Multi-user] Clean up user state stored in the system user directory 2 years ago
bootanimation Fix bootanimation stack overflow 1 year ago
bu [Multi-user] Add -user param to adb backup/restore 2 years ago
content Extract common methods into ContentInterface. 2 years ago
device_config Add binder implementation to support device config shell commands from the 2 years ago
dpm Grant Device IDs access to Profile Owner 2 years ago
hid Preload which cannot be loaded through the Java classloader. 2 years ago
idmap Convert to Soong 3 years ago
idmap2 Fix atoi build errors 2 years ago
ime Map "shell ime" to "shell cmd input_method ime" 3 years ago
incident Fix lookup of incident section by name to not crash. 2 years ago
incident_helper userdebug: support perfetto traces as a section in incident reports 2 years ago
incidentd Always use a positive value for timestamp 1 year ago
input Inject long press documentation 2 years ago
interrupter Convert host tools to Android.bp 3 years ago
locksettings Merge "cmds: add #!s" am: 8911c35df3 3 years ago
media Convert frameworks/base/cmds/media and bmgr to Android.bp 2 years ago
pm The pm command is no more. 3 years ago
requestsync Tweak exemption for sync requests made by FG apps 3 years ago
screencap Fix command injection on screencap 1 year ago
settings Switch settings command to use "cmd" call on service. 4 years ago
sm Remove greylist of apps that gain legacy access. 2 years ago
statsd Merge tag 'android-10.0.0_r31' of into ten 1 year ago
svc Add ADB command to wait for system server crash 2 years ago
telecom Add adb command for setting and getting SIMs 2 years ago
uiautomator Directly update DEFAULT_INPUT_METHOD in UiAutomatorTestCase 2 years ago
vr cmds: add #!s 3 years ago
wm Improve testibility of applicatin switches. 3 years ago