426632 Commits (ten)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  wangqiuling 96d4e56cc7 bugfix for noteResetVideoLocked 2 years ago
  Jens Lody 3dfed1158d Do not disable wake keys in ambient and when screen is off. 2 years ago
  Jens Lody cee7f60688 Reenable home button wake. 3 years ago
  Jens Lody 9a3e882392 Fix current formating on lockscreen for devices, that report directly in Ampere. Based on : base: Lockscreen Charging info (3/3) by: xyyx <xyyx@mail.ru> 3 years ago
  Ido Ben-Hur 9ac85397a5
base: Make gaming mode QS tile save and load the state of settings 2 years ago
  Ido Ben-Hur 8739831fac
base: Add gaming mode QS tile settings 2 years ago
  Andrew Thomas 77771d130d base: overlays: Add new icon shapes from Android R 2 years ago
  Ido Ben-Hur f663e6f467
base: GamingModeTile: Improve code 2 years ago
  Ido Ben-Hur 6c0401c68c
base: Refactor PowerMenu background filter code 2 years ago
  Ido Ben-Hur 58ba6e6511
base: Update LockScreen date size when needed 2 years ago
  Ido Ben-Hur 6823b94c03
base: Simplify ambient light color mode settings [1/2] 2 years ago
  Ido Ben-Hur 7fb494cc3a
base: Default custom ambient light color to accent [1/2] 2 years ago
  Kshitij Gupta 438ab3ab75 base: VolumePluginManager: Add default constructor 2 years ago
  HrX03 78d34738de base: Allow using plugins even on production 2 years ago
  HrX03 5dc84fc664 base: Implement VolumePluginManager 2 years ago
  Ido Ben-Hur e0e6a6a4a3
base: Toast: Custom icon should not be static 2 years ago
  Ido Ben-Hur e1319ba85a
Revert "Keyguard: Forward port lockscreen quick unlock (1/2)" 2 years ago
  karthick111 824269e5d4 BatteryService: Add VOOC charging support 2 years ago
  rohan 502570a07e base: SystemUI: Fix Active Color For QS Tile Styles 2 years ago
  sayan7848 28bc7fa877 base: Add CircleOutline QS Tile Style [1/3] 3 years ago
  HrX03 4986746dd7 base: Add Cookie QS Style [1/3] 3 years ago
  El Dainosor 184f1b42ac base: Add More QS Tile Styles [1/3] 2 years ago
  calebcabob decc2239ed base: Introduce QS Tile Style Picker [1/3] 3 years ago
  Ido Ben-Hur 0553caabff
base: StatusBar: Improve custom settings observer 2 years ago
  Ido Ben-Hur a36ca80b79 Android 10.0.0 Release 41 (QQ3A.200805.001) 2 years ago
  LuK1337 c8f7061aac FODCircleView: Let us call show() when mIsBouncer() && !isPinOrPattern() 2 years ago
  Danesh M 0e72c13d00 Camera: allow camera to use power key as shutter 9 years ago
  TheScarastic 2673811209 FODCircleView: Show while bouncer is requesting Pattern or PIN 2 years ago
  Ido Ben-Hur 4c95d476e8 base: Allow setting PowerMenu background blur radius [2/2] 2 years ago
  Ido Ben-Hur cfb37d1720 base: Improve PowerMenu backround filter code 2 years ago
  AnkitGourav d5305ff59d base: Powermenu Background filter [1/2] 2 years ago
  SKULSHADY 405fd498ee base: Add QS header styles [1/3] 2 years ago
  Adhitya Mohan fadb1f57b7
base: Separate vibrate drawable for vol panel from common icon 2 years ago
  ezio84 0c36252d03
base: Allow showing music heads up on new tracks [1/2] 2 years ago
  Michael W eb8a76979f
SystemUI: Make clock truly invisible 2 years ago
  Michael W 779a7b616e
SystemUI: Fix QS Detail Header 2 years ago
  Masaho Nishikawa fe5f5101b8
Add USSD codes over IMS feature 2 years ago
  Muhammed Siju d238138488
Telephony: IMS: Cache subscriber associated uri 2 years ago
  Weijie Wang 6226f2677d
SystemUI: Fix SystemUI failed to go to doze issue 3 years ago
  Josh Fox (XlxFoXxlX) f702bad0a4
base: Oh, yet another padding fix commit? 2 years ago
  Ido Ben-Hur 9e90df31e4
base: Toast: Add support for a custom icon 2 years ago
  Ido Ben-Hur 158e4bdeef
base: NetworkTraffic: Cleanup some code & have a consistent default 2 years ago
  Northn 667ba4d944
base: SystemUI: Update RU translation (#34) 2 years ago
  Sravan Voleti 723dfeeebd
BLE: Fix NPE during start advertising 4 years ago
  Scott Lobdell a911124e54
Fix build errors 3 years ago
  Subramanian Srinivasan df1352c2f9
Fix BLE transport discovery scan filter 3 years ago
  dianlujitao f75e230690
BT: Relocate A2DP codec strings for translation 2 years ago
  Naval saini f3bdee806c
Enable codec change request when mode changes in aptX-adaptive 3 years ago
  Satheesh Kumar Pallemoni 9dc1fb1b36
Keep a null check before accessing the BluetoothA2dpWrapper APIs. 3 years ago
  pramod kotreshappa 2d518dd117
Bluetooth: Fix for out of bound exception 3 years ago