28 Commits (9b0b17625844dbdb58441fa3d21615eba84bb968)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Jens Lody 9b0b176258 Use Exchange and E-Mail package from Lineage to make it buildable 5 months ago
  Jens Lody 42cb455409 Remove gapps and google-customization (only VANILLA builds at the moment) 5 months ago
  Jens Lody 571623f04a Cleanup for DerpFest ten 5 months ago
  Jens Lody 31122bbc01 Use my gitlab for j5xnlte and kernel. 1 year ago
  Jens Lody d3b5806834 Switch boringsssl-compat to lineageos-16.0 (no change , it's the same as lineageos-15.1) 1 year ago
  Jens Lody cf9c6b86c2 Reorder lines, no functional change. 1 year ago
  Jens Lody 0abd00b1f0 Switch to overclock-kernel, remove the revision-stuff in kernel-repo line to use standard kernel. 1 year ago
  Jens Lody 264b781a97 Clean up local manifest-file (remove commented and outdated stuff). 1 year ago
  Jens Lody a01cb1212e Add J5 2016 2 years ago
  Jens Lody 3d06499e59 Remove unused qcom-repo, (re-)include some prebuilts. 2 years ago
  Jens Lody 2c2e88fbfc Track my fork of hardware/samsung and msm8916-common. 2 years ago
  Jens Lody 084d2e682f More pasta fixes 2 years ago
  Jens Lody dc6dc8d307 pasta fixes 2 years ago
  Jens Lody 72996a7903 pasta bringup 2 years ago
  Jens Lody 3347a7eedd Switch to prebuilt-boringssl-compat 2 years ago
  Jens Lody d544e0e3e4 Fix path to avoid warnings on repo sync. 2 years ago
  Jens Lody 79ee6b22d2 Use my own fork of settings (needed for charging sounds). 2 years ago
  Jens Lody b18a595d18 Fix warning when snycing repo after switching to gitlab, because of msissing .git-extension. 2 years ago
  Jens Lody e979721a7d Move all my repos from github to gitlab. 2 years ago
  Jens Lody 2b47094507 Begin switch from github to gitlab 2 years ago
  Jens Lody b6c01e7124 Initial commit for BootleggersROM. 2 years ago
  Jens Lody 757c193280 More forked repos. 2 years ago
  Jens Lody 24f0009307 More forked repos. 2 years ago
  Jens Lody 87be0b0ac5 Several changes to include forked repos. 2 years ago
  Jens Lody cccd8f2ec8 Switch OTAUpdates to new 8.1 branch. 2 years ago
  Jens Lody a3e7d27f8c Add OTAUpdates package. 2 years ago
  Jens Lody f82565575a Remove toybox from local_manifest. 2 years ago
  Jens Lody 445daaae8f Initial commit for GZR-Validus (Oreo) for Samsung J5 2 years ago