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Jens Lody 18a30a59bd Reenable home button wake. 1 year ago
apct-tests/perftests Lazy-load textclassifier settings. 1 year ago
api Update the setting to use Global instead of secure, deprecate old one 11 months ago
cmds Merge "qt-r1-bubbles-dev @ build 5835883" into qt-qpr1-dev 10 months ago
config Use TM SubId in getDataState and getDataActivity 1 year ago
core Reenable home button wake. 5 months ago
data Android 10.0.0 Release 18 (QQ1B.191205.011) 6 months ago
docs Merge "Add code sample and result image for LineHeightSpan" 1 year ago
drm Allow https URIs in convertUriToPath 1 year ago
graphics Themes: graphics: ADB "N" icon compatible with OMS7 5 months ago
keystore Fix encryption/decryption of large blocks. 1 year ago
libs Increase dequeueBuffer timeout 1 year ago
location L5 Metrics Addition: 10 months ago
lowpan All Parcelable CREATOR fields are @NonNull. 1 year ago
media Merge "AudioTrack: fix default low power mode selection" into qt-qpr1-dev 10 months ago
native Handle NATIVE_WINDOW_TRANSFORM_INVERSE_DISPLAY flag in ASurfaceTransaction 1 year ago
nfc-extras Update signature files to the new format 1 year ago
obex Update signature files to the new format 1 year ago
opengl/java EGLAttrib requires special handling in JNI 1 year ago
packages core: move OmniJaws client to its new home 5 months ago
proto Android 10.0.0 Release 18 (QQ1B.191205.011) 6 months ago
rs Pass Bitmap's native instance to JNI where feasible 1 year ago
samples/training/network-usage Remove unnecessary casts on calls to findViewById 3 years ago
sax Convert file to Android.bp 1 year ago
services base: Optional screenshot type [1/2] 5 months ago
startop Convert file to Android.bp 1 year ago
telecomm Prevent Infinite Recursion in Telecom Sessions 11 months ago
telephony base: Suspend Actions [1/3] 5 months ago
test-base Merge "Switch android.test and junit classes to use UnsupportedAppUsage" am: 7bb0bcd305 am: b5ccf0e21c 1 year ago
test-legacy Revert "Revert "Remove legacy-test and legacy-android-test targets"" 1 year ago
test-mock Restricted permission mechanism - framework 1 year ago
test-runner Add Context.bindService with executor parameter 1 year ago
tests Android 10.0.0 Release 18 (QQ1B.191205.011) 6 months ago
tools aapt: Default to 0 compression ratio 8 months ago
wifi Increased precision of Lat/Lng decoder and enabled BSSID list to be explicit (client) 11 months ago
.gitignore Add vim swap files to gitignore 1 year ago
Android.bp API: Explicitly track incompatibilities with previous API versions 11 months ago Remove framework.aidl rules 1 year ago InProcessNetworkStack requires platform-signed APK 1 year ago
MODULE_LICENSE_APACHE2 auto import from //depot/cupcake/@135843 11 years ago
NOTICE Original DnsSd TxtRecord file 8 years ago
PREUPLOAD.cfg Merge changes from topic "libcore-remaining-hiddenapi" am: 74c171b4da am: a51da7d3be 1 year ago
jarjar_rules_hidl.txt jarjar hidl core libs. 1 year ago Remove Support Library from frameworks/base 2 years ago