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Jens Lody 0a22c1a8c0 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/lineage-17.1' into queso_bringup 2 years ago
overlay qcom-common: Remove config_tether_upstream_types 3 years ago
recovery/root/sbin qcom: Remove recovery power modes script 6 years ago qcom-common: Add msm8916 to build barrier 7 years ago qcom-common: Rebrand from cmhw to lineagehw 5 years ago
README qcom-common: Rebrand to LineageOS 6 years ago
lineage.dependencies qcom-common: Remove devicesettings resources from lineage.dependencies 2 years ago qcom: Stop building generic charger images 6 years ago


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Common configurations for Samsung devices on Qualcomm chipsets